About - Tokyo Seasonal Guide



I am Asa, the founder of this site. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I am currently taking care of my two children in Tokyo.
I love Tokyo, a fascinating city. As a guide, I am happy to share the wonders of Tokyo with you. For over 10 years, I have volunteered to help foreign visitors explore the many facets of this dynamic city of Tokyo. I have honed my knowledge and expertise to ensure that guests have a memorable and enriching experience. The purpose of this website is to showcase the unique beauty of Tokyo in each of the four seasons. From the cherry blossoms of spring to the beautiful illumination of winter, I will take you on a journey that captures the essence of Tokyo's ever-changing attractions. In addition to well-known and popular attractions, I also look forward to introducing you to some of Tokyo's hidden gems. Not overrun with tourists, but places where you can get a deeper insight into the Japanese way of life. If I guide for you, you could be immersed in the local culture, traditions, and daily lives of the people of Tokyo.
Come join me on a journey to discover the more fascinating and less explored corners of Tokyo. Let's explore together and unlock the secrets that make this city truly special.
If you have any questions about Tokyo Sightseeing, please send them using the contact form.